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Why are bisexuals being crowded out in the LGBT community

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The LGBT community has always been a community that stands for love and acceptance. It’s a community that makes you feel safe and loved, no matter how you identify and who you like. However, there is a big paradox within the LGBT community. That paradox is called biphobia or in other words, crowding out bisexual people.
For starters, we need to explain what biphobia means. Biphobia is often defined as an aversion towards people who identify as bisexual and towards bisexuality as a whole. A bisexual person can experience biphobia from within the LGBT community or from a heterosexual person. In this article, we are going to discuss the biphobic behavior within the LGBT community and how the LGBT community is crowding out bi-curious and bisexual people from within the community.

1: Bisexual erasure

The first thing that harms bisexual people worldwide is something called bisexual erasure. What is bisexual erasure, you may wonder? Bisexual erasure is denying bisexuality as a real sexual orientation. In other words, you don’t think that it’s possible for someone to be attracted or to feel love towards more than just one gender. It’s either that or people tend to believe that coming out as bisexual is the first step in the plan to come out as homosexual. That’s why when people come out as bisexual, they are met with “Oh sure…” or “Can’t wait for you to come out fully.”

2: Negative stereotypes

As previously mentioned, even to this day, there is a lot of stigma and prejudice when it comes to LGBT people. Especially when it comes to bisexual people. With bisexual people, there is a stereotype that they are obsessed with sex, that they can’t be monogamous and that they cheat all the time, that they can’t be trusted, that they are selfish and greedy since they can’t “choose a side” or that they are “going through a phase”.

3: Bisexual men vs. bisexual women

Some studies have shown that bisexual women have it harder than bisexual men due to the stigma around it. It is not uncommon in the LGBT community that lesbians reject bisexual women as their potential partners. The study shed some light on a new occurrence – gay men and lesbians tend to perceive people who identify as bisexual to be more sexually attracted to men than women. In other words, they understand bisexual men as “closeted gays,” and they perceive bisexual women as straight women who want attention.

4: Never enough

It is not uncommon that a bisexual person feels like they are not “straight enough” and “not gay enough” to belong to any group or community. They are often not entirely accepted amongst straight people due to not being “fully” straight, and they are usually not truly accepted by the LGBT community for not being “gay enough.”

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