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LGBT is an acronym for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender’s people. In the 1990s, the term “LGBT” came into being and became famous as the term “gay community” could not fully reflect the relevant groups.

In modern terms, the term “LGBT” places great emphasis on the cultural diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition to the narrow sense of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender ethnicity, it can also represent all non-heterosexuals. Besides, some people add the letter “Q” to the words, which means Queer or Questioning, which is “LGBTQ.” LGBT has now gained the recognition and adoption of many LGBT ethnic groups and LGBT media in many English-speaking countries, becoming a very mainstream usage.

However, the use of “LGBT” is not entirely uncontroversial. Some bisexuals believe that they are also part of the LGBT community and therefore support the use of “LGBTI.” There are also individual groups that do not consider themselves to be associated with other ethnic groups covered by LGBT. Based on the idea of “gay separatism,” it is believed that male and female lesbians should be separated from other ethnic groups into another group because transgender and transgender people are different from LGBT. Some people think that these terms are too politically correct, and attempt to classify diverse ethnic groups into gray areas, which means that the mainstream ethnic groups have received priority and equal consideration.

Everyone has not recognized “LGBT.” Some people think that transgender and intersex people are different from homosexuality and bisexuality, so the former should not be placed with the latter. This view holds that the focus of transgender is gender identity and has nothing to do with sexual orientation, while the attention of the LGBT community is on sexual orientation or gender.

The significant impact of this distinction is that the LGBT community is different from the transgender political appeal. The LGBT movement usually cites the rights and interests of same-sex marriage and human rights, and the transgender political demands are not here.

Similarly, intersex people want to join the LGBT group and collectively call it “LGBTI,” but some people think that the sexes are different from the LGBT group and want to exclude them.

Contrary to the problem mentioned above, there is homosexual separatism in the LGBT community. People who hold this view believe that gay men and lesbians should form their community separately from the LGBTQ group. Although there are no apparent individuals or organizations promoting relevant proposals, this voice has always existed in the LGBT community. Sometimes lesbians and gays will deny the existence of any non-singularity and refuse to recognize the equal rights of non-singularity. This can lead to open bisexual phobia and transgender phobia.

Many people seek more appropriate vocabulary to replace the existing “LGBT,” such as “queer” and “rainbow,” but these words are not widely recognized. “Queer” has too many negative associations, especially for older people, to think of the period when the LGBT community was persecuted. Many young people also understand that “queer” has more political implications than “LGBT.” The “Rainbow” is reminiscent of hippies and the New Age movement.

The all-inclusive meaning of the “LGBT community” or the “LGBT community” is not welcomed by some gays and lesbians. Some people do not accept that LGBT rights are always associated with the Pride Parade. Others believe that putting all non-heterosexuals together will strengthen the rumours that homosexuality and bisexuality are different from others. Compared with mainstream gay activists, some fewer people hold this view. Because of the lack of heterosexual understanding of the LGBT community, it is generally believed that all LGBT individuals support LGBT rights and enhance the visibility of gender and sexual orientation minority groups in society.

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