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What are the best lesbian movies?


How do you spend your free time? Maybe there are many persons to choose to stay at home to watch TV, go shopping with their friends, read some interesting books and so on. Then many people will choose to watch movies at home or go to the cinema. The lesbian movie is a popular way to spend their free time on lesbian and lesbian curiosity.

Here are some best lesbian movies on the Internet. Such as Fingersmith, Bloomington, I Can’t Think Straight, Imagine Me & You, Carol, Kyss Mig, Blue is the Warmest Color, and so on. Now, I will recommend some lesbian movies for you.


The film tells the story of two solitary women, Su and Maud, who lost their parents from childhood, and fell in love because of a conspiracy. Su was adopted by an aunt called Saxobi, who lived in Rand Street, London, a place where dirty and thieves were rampant. Maud was born in a mental hospital and was later taken away. Because Maud didn’t want to go to him, she became very rebellious. Her uncle is a collector of obscene books.

In this environment, both girls grew up in a blink of an eye. Maud became a “lady” who was unsmiling and elegant. Su has become an illiterate thief.

Richard was a free-spirited thief. After he lost all his money, he decided to pretend to be a painter to deceive the legacy that Maud’s mother had left for her. To this end, he found Su and helped Su to help him with the benefit of three thousand pounds. But sue is close to Maud and falls in love with her.

On the night before the flight, Maud asked Su what she should do as a wife on her wedding night. Su began to teach Maud to kiss, and then they had sex. The next morning, Su saw the hickey on Maud’s chest and felt very ashamed. Su has many times wanted to tell the truth about Modine’s confession, but she has never been able to walk out of her heart.

On the night of the flight, Maud and Richard performed a wedding ceremony at a nearby chapel. After the ceremony, Su was replaced by Maud. At this time, Maud was unable to control his feelings and kissed Su deeply. The two had sex for the second time.

After a few days in the house near the church, Richard invited the people in the mental hospital. At the entrance of the mental hospital, the doctors asked Richard’s wife to get off, Su looked at Maud, and Maud was expressionless. At this time, Richard introduced Su to the outside of the carriage. Maud and the gentleman agreed that Sue is Richard’s. Mrs. Su, it was discovered at this time that this was a conspiracy.

Su was sent to the madhouse for torture, and Maud followed Richard to the home of Su. It turned out that all this was a plot planned by Saxby. She designed to make Sue a substitute for Maud and stay in the madhouse to avoid Maud’s uncle. Su thought he was cheating Maud. He was deceived by Maud, but Maud is only part of this conspiracy, Saxophone. Aunt is the mother of Maud. She promised to drop the two children at the request of Su’s mother. The price is to give half of the two children’s inheritance, and Maud, who knows the truth, fainted on the floor.

Maud missed Su very much. She wanted to save the Soviet Union. She tried to escape the thief’s nest. But after she escaped, she could not live. Finally, she returned to her and waited for her 21st birthday, which is that she can inherit the inheritance. When. Su is enduring inhuman treatment in the madhouse. She escaped from the madhouse and fled to London with the help of Blair Manor. After returning, Su found Maud in his own house, very angry, and smashed in with a knife. During the dispute between Su, Maud, and Saxby, Maud did not intend to stab Richard. Saxophone Aunt took the murder charge that should have belonged to Maud and was hanged. When he cleaned up the relics of Saxby Aunt, Su discovered the secrets of all this. At this time, Su thinks of Maud, remembering their happiness. At the end of the movie, Su found Maud and found a piece of paper full of words. Su asked Maud what they wrote. Maud replied: “This full text is written, how much I want you, how much I love you.”

Bloomington and I Can’t Think Straight

These two movies are also about lesbians. The female lover tells the story of the female and female students who are born on the university campus. Child star Jackie left the screen to study at a university in Bloomington. Although I heard about all the negative rumours about the teacher Catherine during the school, Jackie fell in love with Catherine. They spent a lot of happy and happy times together. Just then, Jackie received an invitation to the new show, facing the choice of whether to leave. In the end, where will their relationship go?

I Can’t Think Straight tells that in the traditional middle class of the Middle East, two parents are preparing for their daughter Tara. Tara, who works in London, met Leila through friend Ali. Leila is trying to be a writer, simple, clumsy and sensitive, which attracts Tara’s attention. At the same time, Tara’s frankness makes Leila have a real understanding of the self. Tara and Leila finally fell in love, but responsibility and cultural ethics constrained Tara, and she couldn’t help but go home to prepare her gorgeous grand wedding. As the wedding day approaches, how does Tara make a choice in life?

Both films have their characteristics and cultural significance, and it is worth watching.

Imagine You and Me

Since the birth of the film, the gay-themed film has taken root and has experienced hundreds of years of cultural collisions. It has spread a lot of classics. No matter how the film authors look at homosexuality, all works cannot escape the concern of social issues, such as Class contradictions, choices between life and death, or beliefs, and more end in a tragic ending. There are not many movies of the same kind that are as easy and humorous as “Imagine You and Me,” and that is all happy.

Sometimes people are always inevitably enchanted, regardless of the reason, or even reversed right or wrong, especially in the face of love. Like this relaxed, witty and new-looking British comedy, Rachel, the love spell is in the least tempting time, so that the happiness that I have been pursuing has also turned upside down.

The cheerful and lively Rachel is a typical British woman. To be able to make a positive result with her boyfriend, Heck, she has been focusing on the emotional life of Heck for a long time. Under the careful preparation of the two, the wedding was finally held as scheduled. Dressed in the wedding of the Rachel model into the church, looking forward to the long-awaited fairy-tale wedding, the incredible scenery is about to be staged. Among the crowds who came to the wedding, a pair of eyes like a world’s eyes made Rachel feel overwhelmed and thought-provoking. She saw the owner of the gaze, the flower shop owner Luss who provided flowers for the wedding, and the moment of confrontation, Rachel overthrew Everything of her own belief, at that moment, she saw her other half, her love and happiness should belong to this stranger, even if the person who made her “abandoned” is a woman.

The wedding is still held, but under the calm surface, it hides Rachel’s, unrecognizable heart. After the wedding, Rachel thanked Luz for dinner and planned to introduce her to Heck’s friend Kupu. Heck inadvertently asked if Luce had a husband or boyfriend. Luth said that he seemed to be more attractive to women. Heck was surprised not to forget his newlywed wife, and Rachel was constantly questioning himself. Whether the marriage that persists in pursuit is the end of happiness that you want. Rachel and her husband, Hecker, were immediately involved in a bittersweet journey of the soul. At the same time, Lucer, who was loved by Rachel, became her spiritual companion.

Love at first sight, love of imprisonment, love of Plato, crazy love, meaningless love, in the colourful love kaleidoscope, the film storey slowly unfolds in unexpected plots.

As more and more people accept lesbians, lesbian movies are also growing, and excellent works have begun to be discovered by lesbians. In addition to these films, there are many lesbian movies worth watching. If you have a good lesbian movie recommendation, you can also leave a message.

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