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Are You Okay with Being Bisexual?

Some people are born bisexual, and some people are bisexually formed by acquired external factors. So which one do you belong to? Are you okay with being bisexual?

There is a 20-year-old bisexual boy who tells himself online. First, his answer is Yes. He said before he found out that he is bisexual, he was a stupid kid with very few friends, he was socially awkward and had no sense of who was in charge at the place he was at in his life.

“A rebellious ADHD kid with anger management issues, emotional trauma and severe OCD.”

That’s what the school nurse told his parents when he was 10, they didn’t listen to that and just moved him to another school.

“A kid with potential, but the lack of confidence to be anything but an insecure kid – he needs help.”

That’s what the secondary school said when he was 13-14. His parents did listen to a bit to that and send him, with his permission, to an independent boarding school for lower secondary students.

In the first half-year at the school, he started to find out that he is bisexual. In just half a year after finding out about being bisexual, he was now one of the most confident persons his parents have ever met in their entire lives; they even told him that they are proud of him for becoming such a great person. He started at a new school and immediately made a ton of friends and was popular among his friends, they didn’t know that he was bisexual, but the confidence it gave him was enough to save his social skills and become a ‘better’ or whole person.

All this happened because he found out that he is bisexual, it had nothing to do with the quality of the schools, it was solely because of him “finding himself” and starting to be confident in what he believes in and what he feels. Being bisexual and not knowing it is like trying to solve a puzzle with a quarter of the pieces missing, it’s just not a great result, and it’s not something you walk around showing people. Finding out is like finding that missing quarter of the puzzle and finally being able to show the finished problem and be proud of oneself for a change.

Is he okay with bisexuality for making him an active independent person with confidence enough to say, “Ask him anything, and he’ll answer honestly” and do it without even flinching? Yes!

He is right. Today, he still feels complete and confident, he finds it to be his natural way of being, he finds it to be a part of him, so of course, he is okay with being bisexual, it’s an essential part of who he is.

A person’s sexual orientation is not good or bad, no matter which sexual orientation you are, you should be brave to be yourself.

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